Choosing the Best Free Ad Blocker: Top 10 Apps

Choosing the best free ad blocker

Our goal is to decide on the best free ad blocker, the high-quality product that can be used on any device to block any kinds of advertisement. Learn about different advertising blocking software and make your choice objectively.

What is the best free ad blocker?

The best free ad blocker will make your Internet browsing and PC using more comfortable and time-saving. Advertising on the TV and especially on the Internet has become extremely popular that causes too many annoying ads on any service you are using.

A good advertising blocking software helps to hide all the kinds of unwanted content, such as:

  • Popups;
  • Banners;
  • Auto-start video and Audio ads;
  • YouTube ads;
  • Skype ads;
  • Facebook ads;
  • Google ads;
  • Online trackers;
  • Malware;

Furthermore, best adverts blocker can be used to remove adverts and other types of unwanted content from any browser or device you are using. This can be achieved only with the advertising blocking software operating on the network level.  And one more important factor: you can use it for free.

What options does the free ad blocker offer?

Best advertising blocking software can be used for ad protection, privacy protection and web protection.  If you install one program that solves different problems in complex, be sure you made a right choice. Ad protection – blocking ads before they show up at your screen – is the main option. Privacy protection is an important benefit that is achieved by online trackers blocking. Web protection is based on malware and phishing identifying and blocking.

What are top 10 free ad blockers?

Best free ad blocker must be able to prevent popups, banners, auto-start ads, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Skype ads etc. Good ad-blocking software provides Windows, iOS, Mac, Android users with an opportunity to save time and nerves blocking the annoying ads. Let’s learn about the most common advertisement blockers and choose the best one.

StopAd Full advertisement protection, privacy protection and web protectionof Chrome, IE, Firefox and 25 more web browserson each kind of device (Windows, iOS, Mac, Android).
AdFender Ad blocking for web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc., Slimbrowser, Maxthon) instant messengers, P2P.
AdBlock Ad Blocking for Opera, Safari, etc.
Adblock Plus Ad protection for Windows.
GT-Soft Ad Blocker Blocking ads on the websites, as well as YouTube, Google and Hulu Ads
Google Ad Blocker Hides Google adds when using it for browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE etc.).
PrivDog Ad blocker for Windows (can be used for IE, Firefox, Comodo Dragon).
Adguard Ad protection for Opera, Safari etc. Blocks websites with viruses.
Ghostery Ad blocking browser extension for Opera, Edge, etc., app for Android and iOS.
Karma Blocker Ad protection and privacy protection for Firefox.

Key options of the best free ad blockers

StopAd is a universal advertising blocking software for TV, mobile devices and desktops that can be applied for 28 browsers and provides the user with such additional services as privacy protection (through online trackers blocking) and web protection (anti-malware, anti-phishing tools). Can be considered as one of the best apps to remove adverts.

  1. AdFender blocks ads on instant messengers, P2P, the websites, while you are using (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Slimbrowser, Maxthon).
  2. AdBlock extension can be installed on Chrome, Firefox or Safari to hide all the ads on the web, including social sites (YouTube, Facebook).
  3. AdBlock Plus hides annoying ads on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, but it keeps showing non-intrusive advertising.
  4. GT-Soft Ad Blocker removes ads from websites (YouTube, Google, Hulu Ads) in one click.
  5. Google Ad Blocker blocks all Google ads with one click and can be used on Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera etc.
  6. PrivDog allows the user to create exception lists with the websites they do not need to block. It is a software for Windows, supports IE, Firefox and Comodo Dragon browsers.
  7. Adguard removes ads and ad trackers, blocks websites with viruses. Can be used on the most common web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari).
  8. Ghostery is available for Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Edge. Can be applied on Android and iOS devices and blocks ads and trackers.
  9. Karma Blocker is an advertisement blocking and privacy extension for Firefox browser users.

Choosing a good free ad blocker to fulfill wide range of needs

What is it like to use the best free ad blocker? What app completely satisfies the users? Learning about the main features of top 10 good free ad blockers is helpful in decision-making. Currently market offers a variety of ad blocking software. Our aim is to choose the best one to meet all your requirements.

A good option is all-in-one ad blocker StopAd. First, it provides the full advertisement protection no matter what do you use: TV, Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices. Second, any of 28 browsers are supported (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, Tor, 7 Star, Otter, CyberFox etc.).

StopAd also protects your privacy by online trackers blocking. Web protection is fulfilled with phishing and malware identifying and blocking.


The StopAd app offers the wide and full range of basic and additional options that make it the most attractive offer for the majority of users. It is one of the best apps developed to remove adverts efficiently and protect the user properly.