This is a place for sharing my ideas on how you can get rid of annoying and absolutely unnecessary things. And by this of course I mean advertisements. I understand why the exist and that website owners want to make some passive income with their sites, but there are just too many. Pop-ups, text and video ads, banners and more; they’re everywhere.It’s time for a change.

I’ve selected the top applications for different devices that will help you remove ads from your devices. Some of them are free while others are paid, and some of them have lists of allowed ads while others block everything. Some of them are regularly updated while others are not. When picking the best ad blocking for your needs, it pays to look around a bit. Thankfully, I’ve done that for you—you’re welcome.

Take a look at all the reviews, pick the one that works best for you (though, I do have a favorite) and you can enjoy surfing online without those distracting, annoying, intrusive advertisements. The names of the apps may seem almost identical, so pay attention to the screenshots and iTunes rating to ensure you’re making the right choice. I’ll be happy to take your feedback on my reviews and get your ideas about other ways of blocking ads, so make sure to leave a comment.