Why is it necessary to find the best free ad blocker for Android?

Android devices has become extremely popular. There are a lot of adverts in browsers and applications and they are really annoying and nerve-racking. Users want to save their time and nerves. The best free ad blocker for Android will help to stop unnecessary ads and secure the mobile phone or tablet.

What are the best free ad blocker for Android basic options?

When using the best free ad blocker for Android you can be sure you will be protected from all the types of bothering advertisements:

  • Flashing banners;
  • Floating banners;
  • Pop ups;
  • Auto-starting audio and video adverts;
  • Advertisement on YouTube and Facebook etc.

One more important point is that the best free ad blocker for Android will provide you with high level of privacy protection with online trackers identifying and deactivating. The good app will also guarantee web protection (it deactivates malware and phishing).

What are the popular best free ad blockers for Android?

Let’s have a look at the top 10 free ad blockers for Android and choose the appropriate one.


# Ad Blocker
1 StopAd
2 AdAway
3 AdBlock Plus
4 Brave Browser
5 Block This
6 AdClear by Seven Networks
7 AppBrain Ad Detector
8 TrustGo Ad Detector
9 Adfree Android
10 Adguard

The best free ad blockers for Android overview

StopAd. The all-in-one advertising blocking software ensures full protection from adverts (no more popups, banners, auto-starting audio and video ads, backgrounds, social media buttons, YouTube and Facebook adverts, advertisement in the apps on the screen of your device). Worth noting, you can filter the websites and advertisements you wish or wish not to see due to your preferences. The app has the built-in anti-phishing and anti-malware tools. It also deactivates ad-trackers, data trackers, social media trackers, protecting the user’s privacy.

AdAway. The app removes all the kinds of advertisement on the Internet and in applications. Available for rooted devices only.

AdBlock Plus. This advertisement blocker hides different kinds of adverts when you are browsing Internet or using the apps, except of non-intrusive advertisement. Blocks malware and tracking.

Brave Browser. The app is able to block ads on any website quickly and keep privacy secured. Logically, it is impossible to use the browser to remove ads from applications.

Block This. The software hides annoying image, audio and video adverts in the Internet and apps. Block This keeps your privacy secured efficiently.

AdClear by Seven Networks. Removes all the types of adverts (audio, video, pop ups, banners etc.) on the websites and in the apps. The software is not intended to protect privacy as it may share users’ info with partners.

AppBrain Ad Detector. Blocks all the kinds of ads on the websites and in applications. The software is able to lock the spam down and detect harmful app networks.

TrustGo Ad Detector. The app detects and blocks various advertisements and cares about the users’ privacy successfully.

Adfree Android. It is an app for phones and tablets that is able to block pop ups, banners, auto-starting and other kinds of advertisements in the apps and on the Internet.

Adguard. The software removes the adverts on the websites and deactivates malware for free. Additional payment is required to get advertising in the apps removed.

How to choose the best free ad blocker for Android?

The best free ad blocker for Android has to be an app that is able to remove all the kinds of the adverts from the apps as wells as from the websites. It is developed to provide full protection from advertisements, privacy protection and web protection. Phishing, malware, ad-trackers, social media trackers, data trackers has to be detected deactivated immediately.

StopAd is completely comprehensive, it can be used for mobile phones and tablets and is considered to be one of the best free ad blockers for Android.