Best free ad blocker for Chrome: overview

Best free ad blocker for Chrome will be identified after learning more about basic options of several advertising blocking apps. Developed to help with advertisement removing, they can be applied at Chrome.

What are the best free ad blocker for chrome basic options?

Chrome is one of the most popular widely used web browser. Anyway, users face with plenty of annoying unwanted adverts. Let’s figure out what options of the best free ad blocker for Chrome are significant to meet the customers’ needs fully.

So the main options are:

  • Ad protection.
    The users want to be sure they will remove all the unnecessary advertisements from their screens. Pop ups, banners, auto-start video and audio ads, ads on YouTube, Facebook, in Skype and Google can be blocked all entirely or filtered in a suitable way with the best apps.
  • Privacy protection.
    Sometimes online trackers play cruel jokes with the unprotected users. Then privacy and personal data becomes under the threat. You can avoid such kind of unpleasant situations by online trackers deactivating with the best free ad blocker for Chrome.
  • Web protection.
    An important thing is some advertisement blockers can also identify and stop phishing and malware. So when choosing the best ad blocker for Chrome pay attention to all the useful services they provide you with.

Top 5 free ad blockers for Chrome

Look through the following adverts blockers, their basic and additional options and choose the best free ad blocker for Chrome you would like to start using right away.

  1. StopAd is one of the best free ad blockers for Chrome. Full ad protection, web protection and privacy protection are guaranteed. The software removes various types of adverts at the different sources and deactivates ad trackers, social media trackers and data trackers.
  2. AdBlock Plus is a free software for removing the adverts in Chrome. It has filters that note which ads are blocked by the users and which are good to show up. But sometimes it doesn’t work properly due to the fact AdBlock Plus receives payments from some advertisers for showing their ads automatically despite of the users’ filters.
  3. AdBlock is suitable to use in Chrome. Blocks banners, pop up, different kinds of ads on the web and social sites. It is positioned as free but messages asking for donations are showing on the screen when you install the extension on Chrome. The app has a whitelist (your list of websites you agree to use without advertising blocking) and it can still showing acceptable (non-intrusive) adverts with your permission.
  4. UBlock Origin is a good ad blocker extension for Chrome as it removes different types of unwanted content like adverts (pop ups, pop under adverts, banners etc.) and badware. You can use filters to create whitelists and look through the statistics to find out if the app is efficient.
  5. Stop All Ads is one more Crime extension with a filter that removes all the advertisements you do not want to see. the app hides various types of adverts, such as pop ups, banners, auto-start audio and video ads.

What are the StopAd basic options?

StopAd is a completely free all-in-one advertising blocker. The software has so many options and advantages, that it deserves to be called the best free ad blocker for Chrome. Downloading this app you obtain a comprehensive ad protection (all the apps on websites in Chrome including YouTube, Facebook, pop ups, banners, auto-start video and audio ads can be easily blocked fully or partially – they can be filtered by you preferences). Worth noting, there are no ad exceptions: the user is the only power deciding block or unblock.

You can also monitor the statistics (how many advertisements have been blocked?) and make sure the app is working efficiently and properly. StopAd fulfills your needs with a unique 3-tiered approach: blocks Ads’ URL, scans CSS code, filters HTML code. Also privacy and web protection are guaranteed: the software deactivates ad trackers, social media trackers and data trackers. Phishing is prevented by anti-phishing tool (it identifies dangerous websites and takes the user away from the threats). The app discovers the lists of malicious sites and filters them out stop malware.

StopAd is saving your data and preventing any problems that may be caused by browsing the Internet. The app stops the identity theft and protects from scams effectively. StopAd is a user-friendly app with a wide range of useful options that can be easily installed and applied.

What is the best free ad blocker for Chrome?

Well, the brief overview shows us the best free ad blockers for Chrome and allows to choose the appropriate one. It has to be user-friendly, simple and at the same time effective and comprehensive.

As StopAd provides you with full ad protection, web protection and privacy protection, can be easily installed and used, is completely free, it is considered to be the best advertising blocking software.

Filters for ads are available (it is possible to mark websites with acceptable ads). Statistics screen shows you how many adverts, trackers and threats have been blocked. StopAd is a good all-in-one advertisement blocker of an exceptionally high quality. You can simply download the app and enjoy browsing the websites without any adverts, save your time and personal data and make using the Internet absolutely safe.