Choose Ad Blocker for Free Download on Windows 8

Advertisements follow user all over the web and most of them are very annoying. Those who want to avoid disturbing ads choose best ad blocker to stop seeing this content.

What is the ad blocker?

Ad blocker is an application stopping ads from feeling up your screen while using any kind of device or browser. By doing so they allow free browsing without spending time on closing the annoying pop-up screens. All four major web browsers for Windows 8 including Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer have built-in blocking features but these ad stoppers do not offer the full protection user requires. The best option here is to choose best ad blocker for your purposes.

It is crucial to take into account the following characteristics of the application:

  • Blocking many types of ads
  • Allowing to make exceptions for favorite websites
  • Working on any device – tablet, smartphone or PC
  • Offering web privacy and protection from malware
  • Constant updating of software to avoid latest ad tricks

Below is the discussion of best ad blocker for Windows 8 that can be quite easily downloaded and installed.

Comparison of Top 5 best ad blockers for download on Windows 8

  Devices Price Platforms Frequency of updates
StopAd MAC, IOS, Windows, Android Free Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Pale Moon, Comodo Dragon etc. Several times per year
AdFender Windows Free for trial period, than paid license Chrome, Firefox, etc., Slimbrowser, Maxthon Several times per year
Ghostery Windows, Android, IOS Free trial period, than paid license Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari Every month
Privacy Badger Windows Free Firefox, Chrome Once in 1-2 years
Adguard MAC, IOS, Windows, Android Requires paid version for blocking ads from apps Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari Every month

The analysis of each ad blocker is based on prices, devices, platforms and availability of updates. The winners are StopAd and AdGuard based on their availability on all kinds of devices and browsers. The apps have regular updates and are free for users. The next section will point out the advantages and disadvantages of all presented software.

Advantages and disadvantages of ad blocker for windows 8

Each user has his unique requirements for advertisement blocking. Most individuals prefer to apply the software on all their devices and in different browsers. The possibility to avoid all the annoying content and to create the whitelists for preferred websites also matters. The users choose products with frequent updates, friendly interface, easy to download and installation. Following these characteristics StopAd blocker seems one of the best choices.

The comparison of advantages and disadvantages of 5 best ad stoppers for Windows will prove this statement.

  Advantages Disadvantages
StopAd All kinds of devices, all browsers. User-friendly interface. Easy download and installation. Restricts all types of advertisements. Allows filtering the web sites and offers user’s privacy protection Not found
AdFender Easy download and installation. Stops up all types of advertisements. Creates whitelists and offers web privacy and protection Paid license required after trial period. Available only for Windows, not suitable for Android and IOS users
Ghostery Frequent updates. Support of all browsers and all kinds of devices Obstructs only some ads. Does not work well in Skype and YouTube. Requires paid license after free trial
Privacy Badger Easy to download and install. Intuitive interface. Allows cookie limitation Restricts only some advertisement. Not available for all browsers and all kinds of devices
Adguard Restricts all kinds of ads, not only in browsers but also in games and apps. Easy to use, intuitive interface. Offers web protection Not available on Google Play store. Requires paid version for blocking ads from apps

Final decision on best ad blocker for free download

Users see many advertisements when surfing Internet and require efficient protection to avoid this undesirable content. Ad stoppers are perfect solution to this problem, but they should have certain characteristics to fit the user’s requirements.

It is important to have protection on all devices and in all kinds of browsers. It is critical to block annoying advertisement in many apps such as YouTube, Skype and video games. Users require friendly interfaces, easy installation, 24/7 support from best ad blocker provider, frequent updates and ability to use ad stopper for free.

Following these requirements StopAd is the best choice of advertisement stopper for free download on Windows 8 and other devices.

One of its key advantages includes filtering systems according to user preferences and creation of whitelists upon request. It is easy to install, user-friendly and seems perfect solution to anyone being tired from annoying ads.