Choose Perfect Free Ad Blocker for Windows 10

Free ad blocker for Windows 10 is the perfect solution to avoid unwanted ads. No ad blocker is perfect but the user can compare the features of the software and make the choice according to his preferences. There are multiple advertisements that the person can run into during his web surfing and multiple ways to restrict this undesirable content. The perfect ad blocker simplifies user’s experience in the web and does not intrude into his privacy.

To choose the best free ad blocker for Windows 10 the following criteria are to be researched:

• High rating
• Always free or at least the most important features
• Easy to download and install
• Availability of recent updates
• Block various types of ads including video ads on YouTube, popups, banners, static images, etc.

User has to choose a built-in ad blocker within the specific browser or decide to install a standalone program for his computer. Each option has its advantages and drawbacks. This article mostly focus on the software available for free download for Windows 10.

What is the role of ad blocker software for Windows 10?

Windows 10 is perfect operational system offering a wide range of great software for its users. For example Microsoft Edge is the unique browser available for Windows 10 designed for modern internet user, speeding up his browser experience and offering significant level of privacy protection.

Being rather convenient and comprehensive software Edge still can’t protect the user from annoying advertisement. That is the moment when ad blockers come to the scene. At this stage you have to choose the software restricting the undesirable content both in Microsoft Edge and other browsers available for free download.

Best free ad blocker for Windows 10 – key features

Best ad blocking software for Windows 10 has to fulfill a number of functions including prevention of popups, banners, and YouTube ads. This product has to offer web protection and privacy. If you decide to download the software offering the complex solution than you made the perfect choice. Ad protection is the most desirable feature, but privacy protection is also important. Below you can find the detailed description of the best ad stoppers for free download.

Characteristics of top 3 advertisement blockers for Windows 10 free download

StopAd – the perfect free ad blocker for Windows 10 available for all kinds of devices and restricting all types of advertisement. It works in any browser including Microsoft Edge. It allows filtering the web sites and offers user’s privacy protection. The application is recently updates and offers web privacy and cookies management. The software helps to whitelist individual websites according to the personal preferences.

UBlock – simple application with several options, being entirely free and open source. It is one of the most popular ad stoppers available nowadays. It allows user to create block lists, leverage his own filters for various ads and privacy concerns. It also has some drawbacks. UBlock is not always able to block specific items on pages and some advertisements appear again after the page reload.

Adblock Plus – one of the most popular software for restricting the undesirable content. It is free of charge and is easy to download and install. The application is rather user-friendly, but is not designed to block all the unwanted content. The software determines some advertisements as non-intrusive and does not restrict it. The user can overcome this drawback manually, but it is not convenient in many cases.

What free ad blocker to choose?

Users requires efficient protection of their privacy during the web surfing and need the perfect software to avoid the undesirable advertisement. StopAd is the best choice of free ad blocker for Windows 10 due to a number of characteristics:

• Blocking all types of ads
• Working on any devices
• Allowing creation of whitelists
• Easy download and friendly interface
• 24/7 customer support and frequent updates

Its key advantages include filtering system according to user preferences and development of whitelists upon request.