Choosing the best free ad blocker for Internet Explorer

It is necessary to figure out the main requirements the best free ad blocker for Internet Explorer is expected to meet. The examples of useful software will be given to help the users to make the right choice.

What are the best free ad blocker for Internet Explorer basic options?

How to choose the best free ad blocker for Internet Explorer? Preferably it must be all-in-one software that will be able to stop ads efficiently and provide the user with proper web and privacy protection. So choosing the good app make sure it removes all the types of ads (banners, pop ups, auto-starting audio and video adverts, YouTube and Facebook ads etc.). Also check on the additional options and find out if the software blocks online trackers, threats, malware and phishing. See if it is easy to install and use.

What are the top 5 free ad blockers for Internet Explorer?

The next step is to look through the top free ad blockers for Internet Explorer apps and check if they are suitable to meet all your needs.

  • StopAd is a completely free adverts blocker for Internet Explorer. It can be used for removing all the types of ads: pop ups, banners, adverts on YouTube and Facebook, adverts automatically starting when you are watching videos etc. One more important thing is the app is able to protect your privacy with deactivating spying ads and invisible online trackers. That is significant for public and ordinary people – everybody has huge volumes of personal information and cares about confidentiality of data in modern conditions. Furthermore, it is really simple to save it with StopAd. The software includes anti-malware and anti-phishing tools as well that protects your PC from viruses and other troubles.
  • Ad Muncher hides all the scam ads, annoying pop ups, auto-start video and audio ads, malware, tracking. It is easy to install and run. It is a suitable option to use for Explorer to make your browsing more comfortable and time-saving.
  • Adblock Plus blocks advertising on web sites including YouTube and Facebook. But it has an option that allows non-intrusive ads. Surely, all the blinking banners and nasty pop ups will be removed. You can use the app to secure your PC as well.
  • AdFender is an advertising blocking software for IE that speeds up your browsing and saves bandwidth with removing banners, pop ups, floating adverts. Additional options like filtering are available.
  • Ghostery is able to remove adverts and unwanted content including viruses and spam. You can use IE safely and enjoy articles and videos you plan to see, nothing unexpected and unnecessary.

How to choose the best free ad blocker for Internet Explorer?

Let us propose you a simple algorithm you can use when choosing the best free ad blocker for Internet Explorer:

  1. Visit the official website of the advertising blocking software.
  2. Investigate if it allows non-intrusive adverts or blocks all the kinds of ads.
  3. Check if filtering is available.
  4. See if online trackers can be blocked.
  5. Find out if the app has anti-malware and anti-fishing tools.

If you have checked on the main features and got satisfied with the complex approach the app uses to protect your PC when using Explorer you can just download the program for free and start using it.

What is the best free ad blocker for Internet Explorer?

The best free ad blocker for Internet Explorer is an app that provides the user with comprehensive ad protection (removes all kinds of adverts, that can be filtered manually), privacy protection (deactivates ad trackers, data trackers, social media trackers) and web protection (prevents phishing and malware getting to your PC).

For example, StopAd is considered to be one of the best free ad blockers for Internet Explorer as it meets all the users’ needs and can be used for different purposes like blocking ads and PC protection.