Choosing the best free ad blocker for PC

Choosing the best free ad blocker for PC is pretty simple: you just require a good app that is able to stop ads efficiently. If there are some nice bonuses like anti-malware, anti-phishing tools, online trackers blocking, you can install the app offered immediately without hesitation. Believe, it will be extremely beneficial and helpful software for your desktop.

What is the best free ad blocker for PC?

Important note: when searching for the best free ad blocker for PC pay attention to software. As you know there are plenty of add-ons but apps are more universal and comprehensive. A good ad blocking software is applicable for any browser that is very suitable for the user.

How to stop pop up and other types of ads in your browser?

Advertisement on the Internet is usually annoying, unnecessary and absolutely useless. Ad blocking software is developed to solve this problem removing the adverts from the screen no matter what browser are you using:

  • Google Chrome;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Internet Explorer;
  • Opera;
  • Microsoft Edge;
  • Maxthon;
  • Pale Moon etc.

The following kinds of the adverts can be removed with the best free ad blocker for PC:

  • pop ups;
  • static images (ordinary banners);
  • floating banners;
  • wallpaper (appear and change the background of the website, filling the whole page);
  • text adverts;
  • flash;
  • auto-starting video adverts;
  • auto-starting audio adverts.

The best free ad blocker for PC: top 5 offers

The top 5 free ad blockers for PC are listed below. You can choose the best free ad blocker for PC to use on your desktop in the browser you prefer.

  1. StopAd is an advertising blocking software that can be used in any of 28 browsers supported (Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Pale Moon, Maxthon, Safari, Yandex Browser, UC Browser and others). You don’t have to install it each time you change the browser, you just go to settings and click on the necessary one. Such adverts as pop ups, banners, video and audio ads, advertisements on Facebook and YouTube etc. Filters are available to form the white lists. StopAd provides you with the high level of privacy protection: it blocks ad trackers, data trackers and social media trackers. The app stops malware and phishing ensuring full web protection.
  2. Popup Chomper is an ad blocking software you can install on your PC to get rid of pop ups, flashing banners, floating banners etc. You can form white lists of the websites you do not need to block. The only thing is the app can be used for Internet Explorer only.
  3. AdGuard can be installed on your desktop and applied to any of the popular browsers. Protects from annoying ads as well as from tracking and malware. It’s one of the good options for PC users.
  4. AdFender is a software that hides pop ups, pop unders, floating and flashing banners and other kinds of frustrating ads on the websites in different browsers.
  5. AdMuncher removes various kinds of ads when you are using such popular browsers as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Maxthon, Flock, Netscape and Avant Browser. It also provides the user with additional functions like securing the PC from tracking and spyware.

How to stop ads for free when using your PC?

When choosing the best free ad blocker for PC make sure the app can be applied to multiple browsers. For example, StopAd supports 28 browsers.

Next step: check if filters are available. Some websites are not working when you use ad blockers, so you can add them to your white list.

Finally see if the software is able to provide the high level of web and privacy protection. Feel free to install StopAd if you are searching for the all-in-one software and it will exceed your expectations.