How to Delete Ads with Ease

There’s no need to suffer from viewing tons of advertisements on almost every website on your phone or computer thanks to the following guide.

Where to Start

When you go online, most of the free ad blocking applications will show you some desktop ads. When you visit websites, you will also see pop-ups, flashing banners, some text or video ads, depending on the allowances of the application. There is also the possibility to have a lot of data trackers that will record your search requests,  the buttons that you press, and other personal data.

Removing targeted ads from the screen of your computer will mean that you will block unwanted scripts and you will also fight against malware. You can do this with the built-in tools of the browsers. A huge drawback here is that browsers don’t get updated as often as is necessary. This is why even after configuring settings in your chosen browser you may see some ads, pop-up or otherwise.

How to Delete Ads in Four Steps

Start deleting advertisements by installing StopAd, which you can download from Choose the right version for Windows or OS X. Installation is free, only takes a few seconds, and doesn’t require any additional steps.

  • Launch StopAd and enable all ad types that you want to block;

  • If you wish, take a look at the Rules Editor tab and add some new rules to suit your preferences.
  • Adjust other settings if needed

  • Have fun online, ad free.

StopAd works well even if you use VPNs or you prefer private sessions. This app analyzes the code on web pages and detects suspicious scripts or advertisements. It prevents various trackers from collecting and storing your data. It’s free but if you need some extra features, StopAd offers a premium version.

Deleting advertisements takes only a few seconds once you decide to use StopAd. You will not see annoying elements in web browsers, messengers, video and music players, or games.

It’s time to Delete Ads from Your Devices

Once installed, you can easily see how much faster the page loads,  and you also notice an improvement in battery life. Whichever website you visit, StopAd will work unless you add them to a whitelist, which allows ads to be shown on those specific sites. In all honesty, we don’t really see a reason not to download StopAd, so install it on all your devices and enjoy your ad free online experiences. .