How to Get Rid of Ads on Safari

Forget about annoying ads in Safari by following the guide listed below. .

Do Not Track Setting in Safari

Safari is one of the most popular browsers as it’s comfortable and lightweight. Ads can slow down page load speed and can even contain malware that will harm your device. Besides annoying elements ruining your online experience, your devices slows down and can even become so bogged down that they are no longer usable. You can use the default tools of Safari, which promise to remove pop-ups and other ads types, but as the browser isn’t updated regularl it may not be as effective as you might hope.

You can find ad blocking functions in the Preferences. There are not many options for configuring, so just enable the items or disable them depending on your preferences.

How to Get Rid 100% of Ads on Safari

Using a standalone application that can block all know types of ads and that is regularly updated is a wonderful thing. You install it just once and it gets updated regularly to ensure you won’t experience any advertisements when online. Here’s the guide on how to start using StopAd, our choice for the top ad blocker for Safari:

  1. Download the application from
  2. Run the application and take a look at its settings;

  3. Adjust settings if you want. This isn’t necessary but you have the freedom to configure settings if desired.
  4. Say goodbye to all advertisements.

Only a Few Clicks to Rid All Ads in Safari

As you can see, to get rid of the ads all you will need to do is  make a few mouse clicks. If you you don’t mind seeing a few ads once in awhile, configuring Safari’s settings works well enough.  If you need a reliable app that will surely prevent any and all ads from appearing on your Mac screen, StopAd is a much better choice.