How To Get Rid of Pop-up Ads on Chrome

Blocking ads is the number one way to enjoy your experience when you go online. You can do this by following the step-by-step guide you’ll find below.

Why You Should Get Rid of Pop-up Ads on Chrome

Pop-up advertisements jump out when you don’t expect to see them. They can surprise or even frighten you, if designed badly. These windows can take a part of the screen or can cover the entire content of the page you’re viewing. They are often hard to close and they can spoil your overall experience of being online.

Chrome has a default feature called Popups that you can enable or disable depending on your preferences. You can add websites where you want pop-ups to be blocked and also ones where you will allow pop-ups to occur. The biggest reason to block pop-ups, however, is because some can be malicious. Often, pop-ups contain malware which can either spy on you or harm your computer. .

There’s one more thing to know about the pop-ups. They can be so tricky that you won’t even notice them. Some windows open somewhere in the background and they easily turn into malware or personal data trackers, or anything else. You can also get into a new window that is impossible to close unless you turn off the device.

How To Get Rid of Pop-up Ads on Google Chrome

Blocking all the pop-up ads is possible if you use an ad blocker such as StopAd. It will work well for any type of network and any type of device you choose. It doesn’t slow down the workflow of your device and it actually saves your battery lifetime.

So you want know how to use it and where to start? It’s simple, just follow the steps below and you’ll be ad free in no time.

  1. Start by downloading and installing the app from Choose the right version for your operating system.

  2. Install and launch the application. You will see that it has a different interface for desktop and mobile versions. You can use the free version on any device.

  3. Go through the Settings tabs and adjust anything if desired. You can start using the app without changing any settings, too.
  4. Enjoy using Chrome for viewing web content without seeing any ads.

When You Should Get Rid of Pop-up Ads in Chrome

Advertisements can be good if there are a few of them and they don’t distract you from viewing the web content. If they annoy and make you waste time trying to close the new windows, it’s time to start using StopAd or any other ad blockers to prevent commercials from jumping out. Our recommendation? Download and install ASAP.