How to Remove Ads From Hotmail in Chrome

Hotmail is a great service for sending and receiving emails, but there’s one thing that distracts from your work and definitely annoys you: Advertisements. Ads are usually located in the right side of the window and leave less space for the email content., though banners and pop-ups can also be an issue.

How to Remove Ads from Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and Gmail Chrome in Chrome

There are a few ways to remove ads from the email web services that you use the most. One way is installing one ad blocker for a specific web service. Another way is by installing the application that will block ads in all of them, including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail.

Let’s take a look at  one application that will work wll with all email providers: StopAd, a cross-platform application that is compatible with Android, iOS, OS X and Windows. Here’s how to start using it:

  • Install and launch it

  • Go to Settings and configure it

  • Use your favorite email services with no ads.

Nothing has been easier than stopping ads with StopAd. This app works on different devices and you get the blocker for free. If you need some extra services, you can purchase a premium version, which offers web and privacy protection as well.

One more way to block ads in Hotmail: Chrome is by configuring the built-in tool. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Go to Preferences
  • Pick up Content settings
  • Go to Pop-ups and Ads sections to enable them
  • Most of the ads will not be visible.

Remove Ads From Mail in Chrome

Advertisements can drive anyone mad as they take much space and distract you from viewing your email content. As there are many ad types, it’s good to use a universal tool that will block all of them. We find StopAd to be the best at this as it copes with all known types of commercials in Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo mail services.