How to remove ads: two easy ways

A short step-by-step guide for everyone who is sick and tired of ads that we see in browsers, apps and everywhere we go.

Why and how to remove ads?

Advertisements surround us wherever we go online. You can see them in browsers when surfing through the websites. You see them when using free applications. There are so many of them that we get annoyed and distracted from viewing the content or doing some actions that we want.

We’re happy to have ad blockers that promise us to remove all knows types of ads and provide us with the malware protection. What we can also get is data tracking protection. It means that noone will know what websites you are visiting and what type of content you’re viewing.

You can get ads blocked in all the browsers: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari. You can get them blocked in other apps that you use on your device: messengers, games, music and video players, etc.

How to remove ads from web page?

The most common request before using the ad blockers is removing unwanted elements on web pages. There are a few ways of how you can cope with this task. And we’ll give you a guide for each of them. They are easy but they solve different problems. You can use both to make sure you will never see those ads again.

Option #1: Built-in tools. All the browsers give you a chance to use their built-in content blocking tools. Let’s take Mozilla Firefox as an example. You will find similar steps for other browsers:

  • Go to Preferences;
  • Find Privacy & Security;
  • Enable “Block pop-up windows”;
  • Enjoy surfing online.

Option #2: Third-party software. Let’s take a look how you can use a standalone application for blocking advertisements for all the apps without the need to configure each of them separately. StopAd copes with this task perfectly. Here’s how you can start using it:

  • Install it as any other app;

  • Configure settings to block unwanted ads;

  • Enjoy surfing online.

You can tick in which apps you want to stop ads and what types of commercials you don’t want to see anymore. Once you launch it, you can use any application with no ads. This app is battery and memory saving, so you won’t notice its work.

It’s high time to remove ads from my computer

We all use various free apps for making calls, playing games, listening to music or surfing the web. And we all face advertisements everywhere. Using ad blockers increases page speed load, prongs the lifetime of the battery and makes your online life much more enjoyable. We hoe the guide above will let you get the most from the ad blockers.