How to set pop up blocker in Chrome?

Blocking ads is easy as a pie with a step-by-step guide below. Scroll down to see the steps.

What you need to set up pop up blocker on google Chrome

There are dozen types of ads like pop ups, video ads, banners and so on. They irritate and distract from the major content of a web page. These ads slow down the page speed load and they can even become real data trackers. They record all the websites you are visiting, and they can even try to catch the passwords you are typing in.

How to set pop up blocker in Chrome?

We have two ways of how you can block advertisements in Chrome. The first is using built-in tools and the second is using a standalone application.

Using built-in tools:

  • Open Chrome and go to Preferences;
  • Go to Content settings;
  • You will find Pop-ups and Ads, enable them;
  • Enjoy surfing with less ads.

If you want to get rid of all the advertisements, try using a standalone application:

  1. Go to;

  2. Download and install the app that will fit your OS;

  3. Launch it and configure it;

  4. Enjoy surfing online with no ads.

It’s time to set up ads blocker on Google Chrome

There’s no more need to look for a content blocker and test how they’re working. If you are fine with ads and you don’t want to install third-party software, you can set up the built-in Chrome feature. If you want to remove all known advertisements, it’s good to use StopAd. It’s a free application that removes unwanted elements and protects your privacy.