The best free pop up blocker for Chrome: reasons to install

The best free pop up blocker for Chrome removes the adverts from each website and webpage you are looking through while using this web browser. It makes your Internet browsing more comfortable and time-saving.

The best free pop up blocker for Chrome: basic options

The best free pop up blocker for Chrome has to be able to block pop ups as well as popunders and overlay ads. Invasive advertising like banners and auto-playing videos are expected to be removed also. The good software is able to protect the user’s privacy and make Internet browsing safe.

The best free pop up blocker for Chrome: top 10 options list

Learn about the most popular free pop up blockers for Chrome and decide on the most appropriate one.

# Pop up blocker Options
1 StopAd The app allows to remove all the kinds of advertisement (popups, popunders, flashing and floating banners, auto-starting video and audio ads, advert on Facebook and YouTube, social media buttons, overlay advertisement etc.). The nice bonuses are privacy and web protection. The app is able to identify and deactivate ad trackers, social media trackers, data trackers, malware, phishing. Installing StopAd you ensure full protection and safety when using Chrome. Worth noting, filters for different kinds of adverts and websites are available.
2 Fair AdBlocker App The software hides various types of adverts on Chrome, as well as Facebook, Webmail, Search ads and others. It is possible to get different types of advertisement and websites filtered out.
3 JavaScript Popup Blocker The freeware removes the popups and other advertisements on the websites. It is possible to add, edit or remove URL to enable blacklisting or whitelisting.
4 AdBlock One of the popular extensions that allows you to hide any kinds of adverts on the websites. They can be filtered in different ways.
5 Poper Blocker The extension blocks popups, popunders and overlay ads efficiently. The websites and specific advertisements can be blacklisted or whitelisted in the way you need.
6 AdwCleaner The program identifies and removes advertisement (popups, popunders, etc.) and malware to make your browser comfortable and safe.
7 Goodblock This extension hides the adverts completely from the websites you add to black lists. But generally it keeps showing small non-intrusive popups (if you click on them you will be paid). It also prevents the user from being tracked.
8 Ghostery The software removes online advertisement (including banners, popups, popunders) and secures privacy while you are using Chrome.
9 Adguard The app blocks different kinds of advertisement on the websites and protects the users from ad trackers, viruses and malware.
10 Pop Up Blocker Pro This is a browser extension designed to hide popups and popunders on the websites.

Best free pop up blocker for Chrome: free download

Let’s find out what the resources where you can download best free pop up blocker for Chrome are.

1. StopAd (full version)
2. Fair AdBlocker App (full version)
3. JavaScript Popup Blocker (full version)
4. AdBlock (demo version)
5. Poper Blocker (full version)
6. AdwCleaner (full version)
7. Goodblock
8. Ghostery (demo version)
9. Adguard (demo version)
10. Pop Up Blocker Pro (demo version)

Choosing the best free pop up blocker for Chrome

The best free pop up blocker for Google Chrome is designed to remove all the kinds of advertisements (popups, popunders, banners, overlay adverts, social media buttons, YouTube and Facebook adverts, etc.). Sometimes the best software like StopAd offers the useful option: the advertising and websites can be filtered in the way the user prefers.
One more important thing is the best popup blocking software for Chrome has to be able to identify and deactivate tracking and malware to be of the utmost value.