The best free pop up blocker for Mozilla Firefox: main purposes

The best free pop up blocker will save your time and nerves removing the unwanted content like popups, banners, popunders from your screen. But some of the apps have more options. Let’s learn more about them.

The best free pop up blocker for Mozilla Firefox: basic options

When installing the best free pop up blocker for Firefox you can obtain the possibility to hide all the annoying adverts:
– popups;
– popunders;
– flashing banners;
– floating banners;
– overlay adverts;
– auto-starting video and audio ads;
– advertising on YouTube or Facebook;
– social media buttons etc.

But the good multifunctional ad blocking software can do more: the software can be used to secure your privacy and provide you with web protection. It has to be able to block tracking, phishing and malware.

How to stop pop up advertisement in Firefox for free

You can use software or plugins to stop pop up advertisement on Firefox. Software is usually applicable for any browser including Mozilla. Extensions are designed for each particular browser separately.

The best free pop up blocker for Firefox: top 5 options

The best free pop up blockers for Firefox are listed below.

# Ad Blocker Full/trial version App/plugin
1 StopAd Full App
2 Adguard Trial Plugin
3 AdBlock Plus Full Plugin
4 Bluhell Firewall Full Plugin
5 Pop Up Blocker Pro Trial App

The basic options of each software or plugin are the following.

1. StopAd is the software applicable for any of 28 supported browsers including Firefox. You can block all the kinds of advertisement: popups, popunders, banners, overlay adverts, Facebook and YouTube adverts, auto-starting audio and video advertisements etc. Filters for advertisements are available. You install it once and you easily can choose Mozilla as your browser in settings. StopAd also provides you with the full web protection with its anti-phishing and anti-malware tools. The app also cares about safety of your privacy: it blocks social media trackers, ad trackers, data trackers.

2. Adguard is available as a Mozilla add-on able to remove different kinds of advertisement including popups. It also deactivates malware and phishing, secures the users’ privacy. If you download this extension for Mozilla, you will be able to use it for Mozilla Firefox only.

3. AdBlock Plus is a Mozilla extension that can be used to hide annoying adverts (popups, popunders and so can be filtered according to your preferences). AdBlock Plus ensures your privacy is under good protection. It stops threats like phishing and malware as well.

4. Bluhell Firewall is a lightweight add-on for Mozilla that allows you to block various types of adverts and unwanted content efficiently.

5. Pop Up Blocker Pro is an app designed to stop advertisement (popups, overlay adverts, popunders and others) on the web sites when using Mozilla. It is able to whitelist web sites you do not want to block.

What is the best free pop up blocker for Firefox?

The best free pop up blocker for Firefox has to be able to remove all the adverts, provide full web protection and privacy protection. StopAd is the all-in-one app that meets all this requirements. Worth noting, apps are more comprehensive than plugins because software is usually applicable for different browsers at once.