The best free pop up blocker for Windows 10

What application can save you from dozens of various pop up advertisements that you see every time you go online? We’ve got a list of top-rated apps to use on Windows 10, scroll down to see them.

What is an pop up blocker for Windows 10?

There are two types of software that you can use for blocking pop up advertisements. One of them is simple and lightweight programs that you add to your browsers. They have a lot of limitations and they can’t cover all types of connections. Another type is standalone applications that block commercials not only in browsers, but in other applications installed on the device.

The best free pop up ad blocker for Windows 10

The best apps should stop pop ups and they shouldn’t consume too much memory or battery. Here are the top-rated apps for blocking pop up ads on PC.

It’s a free app but you can contribute some money to support developers. This software blocks annoying pop-up, banners and video ads. It doesn’t block everything as it supports some websites and their advertising campaigns.

It’s free if you use it as an extension, but you will need to pay for a standalone application. It works fine on Windows 10. It blocks data trackers and doesn’t let you install any malware.

Adblock Plus
It’s easy to customise. You get an access to managing filters, whitelists and what elements you need to be blocked. However, it has a list of acceptable commercials that is enabled by default. If you don’t want to see them, just disable it.


It’s an attractive standalone application that blocks pop up ads in all browsers and applications like Skype and others. It works fine when using VPNs and in private modes of the browsers. It stops video and text commercials, pop-ups and banners. It stops data trackers and warns you about the malware.

What’s the best free pop up blocker for Windows 10?

The best free ad blocker is the software that copes with removing all known types of pop up advertisements and provides you with fast and secure browsing. All four variants above are great, so choose the one that will fit your needs and expectations more.