The best free pop up blocker Google Chrome

Web pages contain a lot of various advertisements that you see right after you enter a website or they appear in some time. We offer you using one of the best free blockers that will stop all new windows from sudden emergence on the screen of your device.

What is free pop up blocker for Google Chrome?

Applications aim at stopping web elements and other things like:

● Windows that appear after you stay on the website for a while;
● Windows that appear without somewhere in the background;
● Windows that you cannot close without visiting another website;
● Banners, video and text ads;
● Data trackers and malware software.

Free ad blockers have these features, so let’s take a look at the list of the best apps for you and their key features.

Top 6 free pop up blocker Google Chrome apps

Free ad stoppers will protect your personal information and let you surf online without a huge number of advertisements on almost all the pages of websites. Don’t be afraid of the word “free”. Some of the apps offer paid versions giving you some extra features besides ad blocking.

Here are the top six pop up blockers for Chrome:

● AdBlock
● Adblock Plus
● StopAd
● Adguard
● Pop up Blocker for Chrome
● Fair AdBlocker

Over two hundred million downloads and over 40 million users around the glome make this ad app very popular. Can it block pop ups? Yes, it works great but only if you disable acceptable ads in the Settings menu.


It’s an application that doesn’t require you to set up the browser. It copes with all known pop-up ads. Regular updates let this software eliminate the number of commercials that you can ever face when surfing. You will see the number of blocked ads and the number o trackers stopped.

Adblock Plus
One more popular pop up app for Chrome. It’s lightweight, but you can configure it the way you want. You can block any unwanted element on a web page, manage filters and whitelists. The interface of the app is not very attractive, but it’s easy to navigate.


It’s a free app for Chrome that is very lightweight. It blocks almost all the pop-ups but some still appear. It has a paid version of a desktop app with a full variety of features including data tracking protection and so on.

Pop up blocker for Google Chrome
Techradar considers this software to be the best one in 2017 for Chrome. It removes all known types of pop-ups. The only drawback that we’ve found here is that it doesn’t cope with other types of commercials.

Fair AdBlocker
This software is super great at blocking unwanted pop-up windows that appear either above or under the existing Chrome windows. It’s lightweight and memory efficient. You won’t even notice how it’s working.

Choose the best free pop up blocker for Google Chrome

Pop up applications are all free applications that you install separately or add to Chrome. Each app from the list is safe and secure for your personal data. Each has hundreds of reviews from the users, so we can be sure about their reliability. Two last apps from the list focus on blocking pop up windows only. If you need blocking other types of ads, take a look at other variants.