The Best Free Popup Blocker for Windows 7

Popup blockers work to help user avoid the annoying content appearing in the Internet. This software protects people from disturbing advertisements in YouTube, social media and on different sites. Here you can look at three best products for web protection and privacy available for free download for Windows 7.

Top Three Ad Blockers

Here, you can compare and contrast the best software for filtering the annoying content all over the web.


StopAd is the best popup blocker for Windows 7 available on the market. It has some great features including cookies management and whitelists creation according to user’s preferences. This software works on all types of devices and for any browser. It is easy to download and install. This product restricts any kind of advertisement and works especially good for popups limitations. Its customer support is available 24/7 and the program additionally offers the web protection. All these features make StopAd the perfect choice for any customer.

AdBlock Plus
AdBlock Plus is one of the most popular programs for Windows 7, blocking the undesirable content. It supports a variety of web browsers and is available on all kinds of devices. It is open-source software restricting banners, tracking, popup ads and malware. It advantages include user-friendly interface and applicability for all platforms. Its disadvantages include allowing of acceptable ads. This feature helps advertisers to place their content in whitelists and encourage the owners of sites to generate revenue through the display of these ads.

Simply Block Ads
Simply Block Ads has simple interface. The software blocks text advertisements, videos, pop ups. The customer can download it free of charge for Windows 7. It has some comprehensive features such as whitelists and cookie management to delete unrequired cookies. It does not offer the required level of customization for its users and is not easy to install. Its customer support is not perfect.

The choice of the best popup blocker for Windows 7

Most customers prefer to avoid advertisements during their Internet surfing and would like to speed out their browsing experience. Advertisement stopper is the best solution to these problems. In order to choose the perfect popup blocker the customer has to investigate its restricting abilities, the devices on which the application works and platforms for which it is available. It is important to analyze the ability of the software to create the whitelists and customize the web interface according to user’s preference.

In this context StopAd is the best popup blocker protecting the user, speeding up his online work and offering the 24/7 customer support. This software is user-friendly and easy to download. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and many other browsers. It works on MAC, Windows 7, 8, 10, Android and IOS. It offers the simple service that anyone can use including perfect filtering system and unique customization. The user can download it for free.