The Best Microsoft Edge Ad Blocker

Microsoft Edge Browser has caught user’s attention several years ago. It is quite fast, elegant and works perfectly on Windows 10. This article will describe how to avoid the annoying content in this Internet service and how to choose the perfect Microsoft Edge ad blocker.

What is the best free Microsoft Edge ad blocker?

Ad blockers are a wonderful thing. They do exactly what they have to do – restrict the advertisement in the web and help to filter your Internet experience from the annoying content.

What exactly ad blocker for Microsoft Edge helps to avoid and can offer to user?

• Remove or limit the advertising content on the web page
• Target the most annoying types of content like pop-ups and banner advetisements
• Stop up video advertisement on YouTube and Facebook
• Apply filters for specific browsers
• Offer additional services like web privacy and protection
• Provide possibilities to create whitelists for specific website or content

The choice of Microsoft Edge ad blocker is not quite easy. Until recently there were limited ad blocker products available for this application and perspective user had no alternatives. The great thing is that in recent year some of the best ad-free products appeared for this browser.

Top 3 ad blockers for Microsoft Edge

Analysis of various stoppers for Edge application is not an easy task and requires some efforts. Here are presented the most comprehensive ad blockers helping the user to filter his Internet experience and avoid the annoying content.

1. StopAd – one of the best available Microsoft Edge ad blocker restricting advertisements, creating filter lists to block tracking and malware. You can whitelist your favorite sites or specific content on the site with just one click. It significantly speeds up your browser; limits all types of annoying content and offer web protection and privacy for user. It has 24/7 support for its users and regular updates to catch up all the new types of undesired content in your Internet viewing software.

2. CatBlock – is an alternative ad blocker that can remove advertisements from web pages and replaces them with pictures of cats. CatBlock places the picture of cat by default, but it is possible to choose this feature in options. The product allows to whitelist specific YouTube channels and examines the number of blocked advertisements in browser. CatBlock is open-source and is user-friendly.

3. AdGuard – offers the same features as all other ad blockers, but has some progressive functionality being able to remove specific social features from the web. For example, you might not like to see Facebook Likes button in your web viewing software. This program can help to restrict this type of content. It is rather fast and easy to use, but requires paid version for blocking annoying content from apps.

Final decision on best Microsoft Edge ad blocker

Final choice of ad blocker for your Internet service should base on the investigation of its specific features and restricting abilities. The best Microsoft Edge ad blocker has to be easy to download and install. It should be intuitive and user friendly. Its role is not only to interrupt the appearance of annoying content in web surfing, but to limit the advertisement in social media and on YouTube. The perfect product is regularly updated and has ongoing support for its users.

Following all the discussed features StopAd is the great choice for Microsoft Edge ad blocker. It is easy to use and can be downloaded for free. It is comprehensive and has not only basic options, but offers web privacy and protection for its users. Its filtering system is perfect allowing creation of whitelists for specific websites and certain content in the browser. StopAd is the perfect solution for those who want to get rid of spam and protect themselves from tracking personal information online.