Why Block Pop-ups in Chrome

Chrome is a very lightweight, fast and popular browser that can slow down due to a heavy influx of advertisements. We’ll show you how you can block pop-up ads to make online surfing fun and joyful.

A Few Ways to Block Pop-ups in Chrome

A pop-up ad in Chrome is a window that jumps out of nowhere after you click a specific link, spend some time on a web page or when you want to leave the website. If you are using a mobile device, a pop up window can cover a large part of a screen. It’s annoying and not to mention distracting.

Ad blockers can save you from viewing pop-ups and they prevent such web elements from jumping out on your screen. You can use some built-in Chrome tools that you can find in Preferences or you can use a third-party application that will allow blocking of pop-ups and other ad types.

How to Block Pop-ups in Chrome: A Step-by-step Guide

Let’s take a closer look at how we can block pop-ups in Chrome. The first way is going to Preferences and adjusting the Content Settings. It’s easy, as it requires making only a few clicks, but Chrome isn’t updated very often, so you may not get rid of all commercials.This is why we recommend using a free standalone app.

StopAd is a powerful application that blocks pop-ups. Here are the steps to install it:

  1. Get the application from https://stopad.io/
  2. Launch the app, and it will begin working right away. Go to a few web pages, come back to StopAd and see how many ads it has stopped. You will be surprised.

  3. Configure the app if you prefer anything else that is not set as default. This isn’t necessary, but the freedom is nice.
  4. Enjoy surfing web pages with no commercials.

StopAd has some additional features which only make it better. It protects your device from malware and phishing, it stops various trackers from collecting data about you. This application increases the page load speed and saves the battery of your phone, laptop or tablet. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, OS X, Windows and Android TV.

A Pro Tool to Block Pop-ups Google Chrome

There’s no more need to suffer from viewing tons of commercials that you see almost on all websites when you go online. Download, install and launch StopAd to stop all the pop-ups from jumping out on the screen of your device. So go online, adjust Chrome Content settings to limit ads, or use StopAd to completely remove all types of ads.